Based in the Midwest, the potential for damage can occur all-year long. Weather risks include (but are not limited to):

  • Thunderstorms and heavy rainfall can lead to flash flooding and downed trees and power lines
  • Lightning strikes can cause home fires and power surges.
  • Tornadoes and high winds can lead to downed trees and power lines, and exterior damage to a home’s roof, siding, landscaping, and windows. If strong enough, tornados and high winds could cause a total loss.
  • Hail and ice storms can create roof damage, broken windows, and other exterior issues.
  • Freezing weather and ice dams can cause water damage inside your home, as well as frozen/burst pipes and damage to your roof, gutters, and siding.
  • Heavy snowfall can lead to your gutters bending or pulling away from your home, too much weight on your home creating roof damage, downed trees and branches, and the potential for flooding when snow begins to melt.