Ken and Theresa Werner

Ken & Teresa Werner: The Beginning

In 1988 Ken Werner and his wife Teresa put their faith in God and each other and founded what was then known as Werner Construction, located in a single car garage off 10th Street in Silvis IL.

Ken who had been a carpenter by trade had been introduced to the restoration industry at his previous company that had since gone out of business. Ken took out a small loan and bought a pick up truck and hired one employee and set out to start what would turn out to be a long and successful career in the Quad Cities.

During the late 80’s and early 90’s, there was no fancy marketing plans or gimmicks, Ken, Teresa and their small team at the time laid the foundation for Werner with hard work, dedication and unwavering customer service.

A Growing Company

Werner grew from the one car garage to a two car garage, to small warehouse and eventually to brand new 13,000 sq. ft. facility custom built for restoration contractors located in the Colona IL industrial park.

As the company grew, many different pieces were added along the way none more important than Teresa Werner joining the team full time. As the company grew, more and more oversite was required on the financial and marketing ends of the business. Teresa became a crucial part of the growth and development of the company as time went on.

Digging Ground and Grand Opening Werner

Standing The Test of Time

Within the 30+ years that Werner Restoration has been in business, many things have been added and many things have grown. However, the foundational principles of hard work and customer service have sustained the test of time.

That foundation was laid by Ken and Teresa from the very beginning and can still be found within our core values to this day.

2021 Retirement: Leaving A Legacy

In 2021, Ken and Teresa officially retired from Werner Restoration. While enjoying retirement together, they can still be found out at the office and on job sites from time to time serving in a board of directors of sorts.

Ken and Teresa Werner Retirement