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Cleaning and Contents Services

When disaster strikes close to home, it’s easy to believe everything you hold dear is gone; it’s time to start over. Werner Restoration is here to tell you otherwise! Our full line of cleaning services can return your home or business, and your belongings, to the way they were before the loss. Our state-of-the-art contents cleaning facility can thoroughly clean and deodorize almost anything – from your laptop to your grandparent’s wedding photo album. Whether it is fire or smoke damage, water damage, mold, or many other contaminants, we can clean it for you!

Werner is a Fireline Contents Restorer!

RedStar Certified Contents Restorer | Werner Restoration Services Colona, IL

When there is a fire in your home or business,
“One Call Restores It All”

Full Line of Contents Cleaning Services

What Werner Can Clean:

  • Electronics – Computers, Printers, TVs, Small & Large Appliances, etc.
  • Furniture – Desks, Dressers, Tables, etc.
  • Household Staples – Dishes, Cookware, Lamps, etc.
  • Cherished Items – Family Photos, Picture Frames, Books, Vases, etc.

Werner offers a variety of levels of restoration and remediation for house fires. In some cases, actual reconstruction work is necessary; in others, there may be minimal structural damage but still much to be cleaned. The amount of damage even a small kitchen fire can do to the rest of your home can be astounding. The smoke odor alone can seem nearly impossible to overcome; but Werner can do it!

What We Do:

  1. Remove any items that may have absorbed the odor to be brought to our Contents Cleaning facility or clean on-site.
  2. Deep-clean carpet and rugs.
  3. Wipe down every square inch of the affected areas including walls, inside (and often behind) cabinets, floors, and ceilings.
  4. Run special odor neutralizing machines that eliminate the odor from both the air and the contents of your home.
  5. Repeat until the odor is gone!

Rusty tools? We can help! Don’t replace your expensive tools and equipment, let us clean it for you. Werner Restoration has the ability to salvage tools and power tools alike. We can also clean electronics and other critical equipment.  

Our state-of-the-art Fireline System has a variety of equipment that can clean away rust and buildup on metal parts. Equipment matters, which is why we have invested in the best-of-the-best. 

This might be one of the most unique services Werner Restoration has to offer! Media blasting is a process that can remove stains, rust, old paint, and other surface coatings from a variety of items without causing damage. This cleaning technique uses special equipment to blast out baking soda or dry ice at high intensity onto a surface. Media blasting leaves very little debris behind and is environmentally-friendly. It also allows a large area to be cleaned in a relatively short period of time. Did you know the Statue of Liberty was cleaned by soda blasting? Many other major monuments and governmental buildings have followed suit, and there are certainly many other smaller applications, too. 

What is Soda Blasting?

Soda blasting sends compressed air and baking soda through a pressurized system and onto a surface needing to be cleaned. The baking soda blasts away the surface layer, like paint or staining, without damaging the underlying surface.

After a fire, in some instances, soda blasting can be used to remove soot buildup and the baking soda also helps reduce the odor from the fire!

Soda blasting has grown in popularity since the Statue of Liberty was cleaned using this technique in the early 1980’s. Baking soda was the chosen media because it does not damage surfaces like other media may, like sand.

What is Ice Blasting?

Ice blasting using dry ice, in a solid form. Just like soda blasting, the dry ice is blasted onto a surface with pressurized air. This is non-abrasive and very effective for certain surface-cleaning needs. Ice blasting leaves no chemical residue and at room temperature, turns into a gas.

Today, the EPA recommends ice blasting over some other chemical-based cleaning. One common use is cleaning food processing equipment; it decontaminates the surfaces that might be carriers for Salmonella, E. Coli, Listeria, and other microorganisms.

Dry ice blasting can also safely clean equipment without causing fire or electrical hazards. Therefore, it is highly popular in the aerospace industry.

Werner Restoration can remove mold from your home, and handle the job from start to finish, big or small. Have a small area of black mold in your basement? No problem! Some mold growing in the attic? No problem! Mold that is the result of some water damage in your home? No problem! Werner uses only the most effective techniques and products to identify the source of the mold problem, and remove it so it won’t come back to haunt you later.

If you’ve had a sewage backup in your basement or anywhere in your home, please hire a professional to do the cleanup. Sewage carries all kinds of bacteria that can make people sick on contact. It is a myth that you can throw a little bleach on it and all the bacteria will be gone.

Common Sewage Backup Causes:

  • Clogging: Most sewage backups happen where there is a problem within a home’s sewer line. If you’re experiencing slow-flushing toilets, bubbling toilets, a foul smell coming from drain lines, or other similar issues throughout your home, there could be a larger underlying issue than just a clog in one sink, toilet, or tub. When a main sewer line is blocked, it will eventually back up and push all the raw sewage stuck in the line back up into the basement.
  • Tree Roots: Roots wreak havoc on sewer lines and can trigger severe problems. Mature tree roots can crush or penetrate sewer lines, or even embed large root balls that can back up the line.

Sewage Backup Prevention Tips

  1. Regularly inspect and maintain pipes.
  2. Keep drains clean and don’t flush foreign objects.
  3. Install and maintain your sump pump.
  4. Avoid planting trees above/near sewer lines.

Duct cleaning is a critical part of your home’s maintenance routine. Over time, dust, dander, dog hair, and even mold can grow in your home’s duct work. Every time air is blowing through those ducts, the contaminants are being circulated around your home. Here are four reasons to have Werner Restoration clean your air duct system, so you can breathe easy again:

  1. Allergies & Dust. Think about everything that blows around in the air throughout the year. Duct work provides a breeding ground for allergies, bacteria, mold, and other debris that can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. Plus, if you’re dusting one day and discovering everything is already has a new coat of just in just 24 hours, it might be time to get the ducts cleaned.
  2. Mold. Air duct systems usually start in the basement, which is also where mold is often first to grow. If your basement is wet, damp, or recently flooded, it is possible there is mold growing in your basement – both in plain sight, and hidden. Mold spores could then be airborne, and travel through the duct system and into the rest of your home. Mold, too, can cause allergy-like symptoms in people who have what’s called Chronic Inflammatory Disease. If you do have a mold problem, don’t worry, we can remove it and have you breathing easy again in no time!
  3. Pets. You find cat and dog hair everywhere, right? Well … it’s pretty much guaranteed that fur is in your ducts as well. That fur carries germs and allergy-causing dander.
  4. Efficiency. Over time, that pet danger, dust, and even bugs can really hinder the efficiency of your HVAC system. A thorough cleaning will remove any buildup in the ducts to have air flowing freely again.

New puppy had an accident? Mother-in-law coming to visit? Or maybe it’s time for a routine carpet cleaning. We’ve got you covered!

Here are three great reasons to get your carpet and area rugs cleaned routinely:

  1. Price: We are willing to guess this service is not as expensive as you might think, and it can actually save you money in the long run.
  2. Maintenance: Routine cleaning is a key part of maintaining your floor coverings. Dirt, debris, and allergens can get trapped deep in the carpet fibers, and eventually work their way through the carpet backing and into the carpet padding. As that happens, it can actually wear down your carpet and padding, significantly decreasing its lifespan.
  3. Appearance: Our special carpet cleaning solution and stain removers, paired with our professional-grade equipment and well-trained crew means we can often have dirty carpet looking much more like new in no time!

Non-Emergency Inquiries

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    Werner’s Contents Cleaning Process

    taking inventory for packout

    1. Inventory

    Our team will come to your home and carefully take inventory of every item that can be saved, and every item that can’t. Don’t worry, we think you’ll be very surprised at just how much we can clean and restore to the way it was before the loss! You will be able to see this inventory, and this also helps us keep your items organized during the entire cleaning process from the moment they leave your home, to the day we return them to you.

    personal belongings are packed out and stored at Werner Restoration

    2. Pack Out

    Once inventory is complete, everything is carefully and methodically boxed up to be brought to Werner’s Contents Cleaning Facility. Remember the inventory process? That includes marking all the boxes carefully so we know exactly where every item is located by simply a few clicks in our electronic inventory system.

    Fireline Electronic Cleaning Company Werner Restoration Services Colona, IL

    3. Cleaning

    Every item that needs to be cleaned is unpacked from boxes, and brought to the appropriate cleaning station.

    Electronics are carefully disassembled and meticulously cleaned via de-ionized water. Once cleaned, our highly trained electronics cleaning team puts them back together and up and running again.

    Hard, Durable Items: Thanks to our Fireline System, we have the very latest in innovative technology for contents cleaning. Ultrasonic machines use water with gentle sound waves to wash away dirt and stains.

    additional contents deodorization

    4. Deodorization

    Items that might be retaining some unpleasant odors, like smoke, are placed in a special deodorizing room to eliminate the odor.

    werner contents storage facility colon il

    5. Storage

    While the structural restoration and reconstruction are being done on your home, your items will be carefully boxed back up, according to our inventory system, and stored in our climate-controlled vault until you’re ready for them to be returned to your home.

    returning your personal belongings to you

    6. Return to YOU!

    Our crew will bring all your items back to your home, and back into the rooms from which they were originally packed.