Job Title: Lead Water Technician

How do you see your future? Is it working for a bright energetic company that understands the importance of advancing and rewarding their people? If yes, we have an opportunity for you.

At Werner Restoration, we understand the unique nature of our business, and have found great success in growing people from the bottom up. This type of work takes an individual with character and we love finding the right talent for this distinctive job of cleaning up after fires, floods, mold and the most unusual disasters one can imagine.

At Werner Restoration, we keep our service technicians on track and motivated with a system that is composed of experience, training, testing and reviews that add structure, feedback and motivation to stay on task.

If you have the right character and attitude to offer the team, we have a great job for you.

Requirements (from our Technicians):

Great People Skills
Each Customer is the Boss. That means we give our customers exceptional service and work well with our peers to deliver it. No excuses.

Tenacity and Grit!
This job isn’t for the weak-minded (or weak-stomached). We cleanup what others can’t… or won’t.

Endurance and Strength
This is a heavy lifting job and high exertion job. We want to be working alongside someone that is fit and can keep up with us throughout the entire day and often into the night.

Ability to work 50 + Hours/week
Disasters are never scheduled, therefore we frequently have to pull together to get the job done even if it means working into the night.

Because a disaster could happen any-time-day-or-night, we all share an on-call weekly rotation schedule every month with other technicians (could be more, depending on the needs of the customer). We do get paid well for this as we are most often getting overtime rates when we get called out, plus a weekly on call bonus paid whether you are called out or not.

Spot-on references from previous employers
If you don’t have a previous employer that can vouch for you, be prepared to give us a good reason why.

Reliable Transportation and Clean Driving Record
Disasters happen in the middle of the night. We are responsible for arriving to the Werner Restoration facility within 30 minutes of being called. If you do not have your own transportation, this is next to impossible. In addition, we only put drivers behind the wheel that have a proven record of driving safe.


This is all depending on experience. A water damage technician’s annual pay ranges from 30-60k based on certifications and experience.


Werner Restoration provides employees with options for medical and dental insurance, retirement plan option, holiday pay and vacation pay.